“Having worked for so many years with Rodney Freeman as a project coordinator, construction manager, and in due diligence oversight in projects both large and small, commercial, industrial, residential and other types, he is undoubtedly one of, if not the most capable, experienced professional in our real estate world.”
Richard S. Ziman
Chairman & CEO, AVP Partners
“Over the course of my working relationship with Rodney Freeman and his company Freeman Group, Inc. spanning over 25 years, they have provided a superior level of service with integrity for a wide variety of construction and development projects. I continue to have great confidence in their ability to take charge and oversee projects of all sizes in an efficient and cost effective manner, even in the face of the ever changing and challenging building industry.”
Ernest Auerbach
Chairman and CEO, Ernest Auerbach Company
“My special thanks for your yeoman efforts on the Annenberg. I am confident that, with your help, we will make this really an achievement...without you, it couldn't happen.”
Bram Goldsmith
Chairman, City National Bank
“The Freeman Group has brought order and discipline to the chaos of construction. Rodney has saved me countless millions of dollars by helping force a true RFP process, by coming up with creative cost saving solutions, and by convincing me to spend a few extra dollars now, as opposed to potentially many dollars down the road. I would not hesitate to use The Freeman Group again or to recommend them to anyone.”
Anthony N. Pritzker
President & CEO, The Pritzker Group
“I wanted to tell you (Freeman Group) that John has been a rock star and been super helpful and supportive and we couldn't have gotten through it or solved it without his knowledge or support. A reflection on you of how smart you are to have such great people work for you!”
Debbie & Jimmy Burrows
"The Project and Construction Management profession has experienced a real maturity in the last 10+ years. In Southern California, the undisputed leader of this charge is the Freeman Group. Rodney and his Managers combine the two essential ingredients that enable them and their teams to consistently produce the best projects with happy clients; honest and direct client feedback and comprehensive team management that allows the professionals to flourish at their job. Yes, the Freeman group finds the cracks and the sources to save money, but their true strength is the ability to secure and manage a complex team of professionals to produce the highest level of design and construction quality in the industry."
Grant Kirkpatrick
Principal, KAA DESIGN
"Just a huge and heartfelt thank you for all you have done to get us to the groundbreaking day – it feels so good to have your leadership and expertise, and “can do” and “can solve” response to everything that comes our way. It’s really great to be doing this with you."
Gail Abarbanel
Director, TRF Stuart House LLC/UCLA Health
"The Freeman Group handled the unique job of ensuring that the Hollywood Sign painting project worked to plan. The job required expert supervision, but we knew we could trust the Freeman Group to monitor the project's progress and thus guarantee the quality of the outcome. The Freeman Group's involvement assured the city's iconic Sign was in safe hands to the benefit of the Hollywood Sign Trust and the City of Los Angeles. They did this with confidence and professionalism."
Hank Hilty
Secretary/Treasurer, Hollywood Sign Trust
"Thanks for all you do. Also I want to congratulate you on an impossible job you did at Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, in Beverly Hills. No one thought it could happen on that time line. Your clients are lucky to have a man of your caliber."
Jack Zuckerman
Presiden & CEO, LF Illumination
"We spent the night last night on Broad and we are loving the house, it's an amazing place! Thank you all very much you should be very proud of your master piece!!"
Jeff Marine
"Rodney Freeman takes all of the stress of the daily dealings with subcontractors and he keeps everyone honest."
Blaine Lourd
CEO & Managing Partner, Lourd Murray
"I have worked with the Freeman Group for many years on several projects. Rodney Freeman has instilled in his team a deep sense of integrity and team work. He has the ability to bring together the vast array of perspectives and personalities that are seen on a project and mold . them into a cohesive team. Rodney brings great solutions to complicated problems in an effort to help the contractor move the project forward, always mindful of his role to deliver a quality product in a competitive environment on behalf of his client."
Peter McCoy
Peter McCoy Construction
“I look forward to working together with you and your team on any project.”
Richard Manion
Principal, Manion Architecture
“You guys are a good group, and it is great to work with people that know what they are doing”
Michael Kovac
Principal, Kovac Architects, Inc.
“Rodney Freeman's participation in several of our projects, including the Galef Center for Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design and the Hampton Court and North Venice loft housing complexes, added very useful experience and judgment to the owner-contractor-architect communication and decision making. We and our clients believe their participation is a tangible asset to a project and we look forward to further collaborations.”
Fredrick Fisher
President, Fredrick Fisher and Partners Architects
“I would like to thank you for a great coordination on site work. You did an amazing job and went out of your way to make it all happen... Plus this is going to save us a lot of time. Guys on the field love your presence and speak highly of you. Thank you again for making this happen.”
Rick Abraham
Guess?, Inc.
“Wish we could do another one with you!”
Cascade Builders
Saranack Lake, New York
“We have worked with Rodney Freeman and Freeman Group, Inc. for more than five years. Rodney has a no-nonsense approach to schedules and budgets, he is very “results” driven and has been a resource, as well as an inspiration, regarding many tough problems. We have found him to be a positive force and a value to all team members on the many projects on which we have collaborated.”
Dan McGhee
President JD Group
“Freeman Group, Inc. managed all aspects of the construction of the Los Angeles Magazine Design House 2003 from its inception to the end. They participated in the development of the design, the selection of the architect and the builder, and the management of the budget and schedule. Their role was key to the success of this project. We look forward to working with them in the future.”
Ron Udall
President, Tyler Development Corporation
“Freeman Group is professional and operates in a very sophisticated manner. Their people that we deal with are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Rodney Freeman is the Construction Manager on Hillside's Mausoleum project and has brought a great deal to the project. His knowledge of construction and his awareness of costs have allowed us to bring the project in under budget and on schedule.”
Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary
“Rodney Freeman’s strong leadership as the Project Manager on many Gensler projects has resulted in the unique client experience of having well designed, well run, and efficient projects that are on budget and schedule. Rodney is always proactive, two steps ahead, and leading with intense expertise and market knowledge.”
Andy Cohen
Principal, Gensler Design & Architecture
"We’ve been fortunate to work with Freeman Group on a variety of architectural and interiors projects over the past fifteen years. On each occasion the participation of Rodney and his staff has made difficult challenges simpler to overcome. The insight of their significant and varied experience, and unwavering dedication to sound process has time and again led to the success of our projects, and satisfaction of our clients. Creativity takes many forms. Creative intelligence offered in a proactive and cooperative framework is what we gain from partnering with the Freeman Group. We recommend them without reservation. I can’t say that for any other project management consultancy."
Peter J. Bena
President BENA Design Partnership, Inc.
“I have worked with Rodney Freeman on a number of projects, including those that were prior to the existence of the Freeman Group”. Their help while building my 80,000 square foot office in 51 weeks was a big part of our success on this project. I have to thank the Freeman Group for their excellent guidance.”
Burton Sperber
Founder & Chairman, Valley Crest Companies
“Thank you for your passion, your commitment and for your generosity to City of Hope and to the people of Los Angeles. Your tremendous success in business and your dedication to the public good throughout Southern California offers a wonderful example to people everywhere.”
Dr. Michael A. Friedman
President & Chief Executive Officer, City of Hope - Comprehensive Cancer Center
“I’d also like to take this opportunity to more formally thank you and the Freeman Group, Inc. for your invaluable assistance in successfully defending our clients against the seven figure claims asserted by the plaintiffs in the referenced matter. Your work was exemplary and I could not recommend someone more highly to our future clients. In short, you showed the highest degree of professionalism and expertise I have seen from a construction consultant and expert during my career, bringing not only an extensive knowledge in construction and construction management to the table, but also the ability to communicate your knowledge and opinions clearly, concisely, objectively, and persuasively. You are exceptional!”
Steve Foster
Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, LLP
“There are not enough superlatives to describe Rodney Freeman and the work of his company. His integrity, management skills and knowledge of the industry are second to none. I can’t imagine building our theater without him.”
Lou Moore
Executive Director, Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts
I was super impressed with the management of the team and your soft glove/hard fist approach - it went very gracefully!
Thomas Paterson
Director, Luxpopuli Architectural Lighting
"I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate all that YOU did to make the Wallis happen. You were the glue that held it all together throughout the construction of the building. The place is fabulous! We all own you a big 'Job Well Done'"
Paul Selwyn
Founding President of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts of Beverly Hills
"I can testify that it was your magic that made it work...As I said, all the credit goes to you. Thanks!"
William Schaeffer
Vice President Administrative & Financial Services at Otis College
Talk about a dream...Try to make it real... "You are making it real. Thanks so much."
Tom Zanic
Development Advisor
"Just wanted to reach out and say thank you! You were fabulous to work with - in about as crazy an environment as I've ever been in...I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for everything. All the time you put in, the pressure you absorbed and the diplomacy you brought to the table."
Deborah Rumens
"The Freeman Group's assistance on two of our residential projects was invaluable. They can easily get to the essence of a problem and offer alternative solutions and are excellent facilitators."
Oscar Shamamian
Ferguson & Shamamian Architects
“We are all so proud of what we have created together and so appreciate the help that you and your team have provided, Rodney. Every day that I arrive [at our new campus] I am in awe of what we created! Thank you for everything.”
Lori L. Jean
CEO, Los Angeles LGBT Center
Realizing good architecture requires the precise management of a client’s expectations about cost and schedule. What appears to be a simple endeavor is uncommonly complex, requiring sophisticated organization skills, strong leadership and above all, wisdom. For the past two decades, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Freeman Group, whose world class work is invaluable to our team.
Scott Mitchell
Architectural Designer & CEO, Scott Mitchell Studio